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Welcome on Smac Mineroche Denoyelle website.

Welcome :

We have the pleasure to present you our range of personalized pebbles with various messages which can correspond to your expectations, personal messages, events, ceremonies, Mother's Day, Valentine's Day, but we are also at your disposal to realize on neutral pebbles and in your choice, your customization, your text, your message, your idea and other suggestions.

You can so send your message which will remain indelible in the time, you can perfume it with the fragrance, or essential oil of your choice and so pass on your olfactive message.

Other pebbles themes are available and to discover in the categories pebbles be they « pebble message », « pebble decoration », « pebble communication » or « pebble advertising ». We are at your disposal for the conception and the creation of your personalized pebble whether it is for a unit or for important quantities.

Creator and manufacturer of pebbles to be perfumed, these objects are exclusively made in France in a specific and completely natural mineral without any addition of chemicals resins or anything else.

The importance of this mineral base called MINEROCHE® in its concept is the must-have label of a real olfactive pebble, guaranteeing a perfect olfactive return, that is without distorting the perfume.

A perfumed pebble signed MINEROCHE® will thus be the guarantee to have a natural, strong, perfumed object or to perfume in excellent conditions.

We also have in the same concept of manufacturing on other objects, hearts, angels, flowers, diverse themes that we leave you the pleasure to discover and many others to come.

With MINEROCHE ®, and its pebbles, its objects to be perfumed or perfumed, you will have the pleasure to create your atmosphere, as could make it our ancestors, our grandmothers, in cupboards, rooms, everywhere, at home, on your workplace, in your car or somewhere else, by creating simply yourself the spirit of " Un Parfum dans l’Air® "

Pour des renseignements personnalisés, contactez-nous via notre formulaire en ligne.